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Investing in Li-Battery (1)

published: 2010-11-17 16:56

Currently more than 90% of global Li-batteries come from Asia. Within the region, Japanese suppliers led by big names like Sanyo and Sony account for 47% of total supply. Korean manufacturers, led by Samsung SDI and LG Chem, account for 25% while Chinese battery providers account for 24%.

The majority of Li-battery applications currently fall within the class of NBs, cellular phones, and other consumer electronics products. Therefore, it is possible for the additive effect of applications in the xEVs to shift the dynamics of the Li-battery market. A clearer roadmap for the development of Li-batteries used in xEVs is believed to reveal in the near future. However, specific standards pertinent to safety and reliability are much higher than those imposed on consumer electronics due to the very nature of automobile industry.

Most participants in this particular industry are inclined towards a 3-5 year window for verification and repeated testing. As a result, Li-battery related companies still have a long way to go before realizing profitable income.

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