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Investing in Li-Battery (7) – Summary of Global Manufacturers of Li Batteries for EVs

published: 2011-01-06 16:32

EnergyTrend, a market research institute, compiled a table of leading global manufacturers that run business in the field of batteries for EVs.

Comapny Location Listed On symbol Remarks
E-One Moli Energy Corp. Taiwan TWSE 3127 Molicel mainly focuses on NB but started to extend into power tools and electric vehicles in recent years. The company has developed batteries for electric vehicles since 2005 and announced itself an official supplier of mobility battery for BMW Mini E.
Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co. Ltd. Taiwan TWSE 1726 Phostech of Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co. Ltd. was authorized to produce patented LiFeP04 which is used in batteries for electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric wheelchairs.
SAFT Europe Euronext SAFT.US SAFT is the largest battery manufacturer in France. Joint ventured with Johnson Controls, the company started to produce lithium-ion batteries for automobiles. At the same time, it started to supply batteries to Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Group in hope to expand into Chinese market.
Johnson Controls America NYSE JCI.US Johnson Controls is the world's leading manufacturer of engine starter batteries, providing more than 110 million engine starter batteries per year and has advanced research centers in 5 countries.
Yuasa Battery Co. Japan TSE 6674.JP Yuasa Battery Co. has a long history of related R&D and manufacturing batteries. It is one of five biggest battery companies in Japan and joint ventured with Mitsubishi Motor to set up Lithium Energy Japan with 51% of shares.
Toshiba Japan TSE 6502.JP Toshiba developed batteries that would not crack or burst into fire under pressure, called "SCiB", which went into production in March 2008. The key technology used in producing SCiB is that Toshiba developed a new cathode material LTO. SCiB applications are currently in electric scooter, electric motorbike, electric vehicles and automated vehicles and the company is working on SCiB applicaions in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.
Hitachi Japan TSE 6501.JP Vehicle Energy of Hitachi solely produces automotive batteries. Starting July 2009, the company put into a new production line dedicated to batteries for hybrid automobiles. It aims to reach 100 billion yen in revenue by 2015.
NEC Japan TSE 6701.JP Nissan and NEC set up a joint venture devoted to develop advaced lithium-ion batteries and hybrid mobility power. The factory started operation in 2009, with designated capacity of 65,000 batteries per year and beginning capacity of 13,000 batteries. Electric vehicles that used these advanced batteries were first rooled out in Japan and the U.S. in 2010.
LG Chem South Korea KRX 061910.KS LG used technologically advanced battery management chips provided by STMicoelectronics to ensure safety and reliability while keeping the batteries economical.
Shenzhen Bak Battery Co. China NASDAQ CBAK.US Shenzhen Bak Battery Co. was founded in 2001 and became a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ with a capial of 82.6 million USD. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of lithium-ion battery cells in the world.
BYD Company Limited China HKEx 1211.HK BYD is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling rechargeable batteries, electronics and automobiles. The comapny officially entered automobile market after the acquisition of Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery development Co.. Thereafter, BYD introduced a series of intellectually-protected cars such as F3, F0 and F6. The company is now a major local automobile maker in China.
Guoguang Electric Company Ltd. China SZSE 2045 Apower Electronics Co. Ltd. Of Guoguang Electric Company Ltd. Researches and develops lithium polymer batteries and batteries for large sized vehicles.
Citic Guoan Group China SZSE 839 Citic Guoan Group is the only mass manufacturer of lithium ion batteries for mobility.
Xianyang Voltix Energy Co.,Ltd. China SZSE 697 ShaanXi Xianyang Voltix Energy Co.,Ltd. of Xianyang Pianzhuan Group is a clean tech company engaged in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries and Li-Mn batteries.

Source: EnergyTrend of TrendForce Corp.

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