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Tesla Model Y Finally Available in Taiwan Starting from NT$2.29 Million

published: 2022-09-23 9:30

Tesla’s electric SUV Model Y is finally available in Taiwan, and the LR variation is starting from NT$2.299 million.

The anticipated battery electric SUV Model Y officially goes on sale in Taiwan today. The model currently comes with two variations to choose from, which are the Long Range version priced at NT$2.29 million and the Performance version that starts from NT$2.59 million.

This price level has somewhat conformed to the anticipation, since Tesla has been constantly raising its car prices over the past year, and the initial expectation on a price tag within NT$2 million has now been crushed. In addition, the Model Y available in Taiwan does not come with a white interior, and cannot be configured for 7 seats but only 5 seats, while the second row of seats can be flattened.

The model comes with a standard white paint, and it will be another NT$37,500 if you go for the black option, while red and blue are both unavailable. This is probably a good thing since Tesla’s paint quality is a bit concerning, and it would be better if owners choose their own colors through lamination.

Model Y is currently under a short supply around the world, and the fact that it has arrived in Taiwan indicates that Tesla has increased its capacity by a greater margin. The official website has not disclosed any information regarding the date of delivery. From past experience, the first batch may possibly be delivered in December this year.

As pointed out by the source, this batch of Model Y is produced by Giga Berlin. Model Y currently produced by Giga Berlin have yet to be configured with the new 4680 battery, neither are they adopted with structural battery packs. Furthermore, Model Y that was previously rumored to be adopted with BYD’s blade batteries has a different driving range compared to the version that is available in Taiwan this time. This batch of Germany-made Model Y is thus likely to be adopted with LG’s battery packs at 79kWh.

Model Y may not have any stocks in the Taiwanese market during 2023 due to its global popularity. The model, perhaps owing to its lack of quantity, is not open for test drives, and does not come with a display unit, but many netizens from EV forums and groups have now completed their preorders, since it is a model that has been anticipated for quite some time.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)

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