CHT Expected to Replace 5,000 Units of Official Vehicles and Construction Vehicles

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CHT convened the 5G Plastic Free Day Initiative and Actions today (September 24th), where chairman Shieh Chi-Mau commented after the event that the company has been fully engaged in attaining ESG in response to the net-zero target of 2050, and aims to reduce 50% of carbon emission by 2030 that include 100% usage of renewable energy for all IDCs, implementing internet protocols for PSTN, and shutting down 3G mobile network. CHT will also invest in another NT$2.1 billion for replacing 1,500 official vehicles and construction vehicles primarily from domestic EV models.

Over 2800 individuals from a total of 37 national institutions were gathered by CHT to simultaneously clean 21.9 tons of rubbish from 24 areas that include beaches, mountains, and parks. Shieh commented that a sustainable tetralogy will once again be launched this year for the purpose of expanding social influence, including the first 5G plastic-free eco-friendly NFT, 88 plastic-free idea selection, cultivation of corporate volunteers, as well as two sessions of plastic-free life festivals in Taichung and Kaohsiung alongside the Paper Windmill & Theatre.

Speaking of attaining ESG, Shieh commented that CHT is fully supportive of the government’s net-zero emission target by 2050, and is even going one step further by setting a stricter target that is 50% reduction of carbon by 2030, which includes 100% application of renewable energy for all IDCs, as well as achieving RE 100 by 2040.

Shieh pointed out that CHT will first replace all internal power supply to renewable energy, before incorporating actual implementations in operation management, as well as replacing old equipment and elevate efficiency of energy utilization, such as comprehensive internet protocols for PSTN that would conserve 80% of power, and the shutting down of 3G mobile network that would conserve 100 million kWh of power in one year.

Shieh explained that CHT plans to improve the energy efficiency for IDCs by scheduling to invest NT$23.3 billion before 2030 to establish new engine rooms and upgrade power equipment of old engine rooms. Among which, NT$2.1 billion will be used to replace 5,000 official vehicles and construction vehicles with EVs in batches, and 1,500 units are expected to be replaced before 2030, thus preserving opportunities for local EV manufacturers.

Shieh added that CHT is expected to purchase a significant amount of green energy this year, and will be supplying 22 million kWh of power this year, before supplying 60 million kWh of power next year. The company will spend NT$1.7 billion in green energy purchases for the next 5 years, which is expected to facilitate development of the entire industry and invigorate the economy. The overall investment sum is going to ascend to nearly NT$50 billion by 2040 during RE 100.

Shieh emphasized that the national beach cleanup was not only participated by 35 institutions, but also joined hands with Nokia Taiwan and Ericsson Taiwan in conveying the idea of environmental protection with actions, hoping that other sectors are able to face the particular issue, followed by various corresponding actions in the pursuit of sustainability.

 (Cover photo source: TechNews)

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