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Finland’s Largest Wind Power Station Starts Operation

published: 2011-01-13 14:23

Xinhuanet.com reported on December 29th of 2010 that the largest wind power station was established and started to test run in Helsinki, Finland.

Finnish media reported that the wind power station was built at the onshore area of northern town, Tornio by Finland’s Rajakiiri Company.

The power station uses 8 turbines from Siemens with a total capacity of 28.8 MW, expected to produce 85000 MW hours annually that can satisfy energy needs of 5000 average households. The power station is said to start commercial operation in early 2011.

In recent years, Finnish government has placed importance on using renewable energy, of which wind power is one focus area. By September of 2010, Finland had 125 wind turbines in operation reaching 170 WM in capacity. The target is to reach 6 million MW hours by 2020.

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