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Europe may Drop its Global Solar Market Share to 50% by 2015 as America Catches up

published: 2011-03-23 13:58

Following the nuclear crisis caused by the 311 quake in Japan, solar industry is again attracting the public’s attention. Solarbuzz in its latest report says that the significance of European market may fade from 81% in 2010 to 45-54% in 2015 whileAmerica may become the fastest growing market. In the mean time, module price may decrease by 37-50% compared to 2010.

However, in the short run, government policies toward solar industry will be a major determinant in the next 2 years.

Though the subsidy in Europe is decreasing faster than manufacturing cost is, countries that like America, Canada, China and Japan may contribute to continuing growth of global solar market in the near future.

Many cell manufacturers’ capacity expansion will result in sufficient inventory level to supply the industry leading to possible oversupply. Installation demand in Italy and Germany may be realized earlier in the first half of 2011 to meet the subsidy reduction schedule. Together these two dilemmas are the main challenge faced for the entire industry.

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