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3D Solar Cells: Innovative Perspectives

published: 2011-09-22 10:39 | editor | category: Knowledge
Making the transition to a clean energy society is in the best interests of consumers, industry, and the environment. This transition, however, is not trouble-free. The current technology has not yet reached the point where such...  more

Exploiting Solar Paste to Increase Solar Cell Efficiency

published: 2011-09-14 8:39 | editor | category: Knowledge
An attractive solution to the energy conundrums faced by society is a natural resource that is all around us, and especially prevalent in countries located in the Sunbelt: solar energy. Harnessing this abundant resource gives ri...  more

Solar Development in India: The Expanding Market

published: 2011-09-07 8:37 | editor | category: Knowledge
India is perceived as a developing country, but they have experienced significant economic growth. Still, that economic growth is constrained by a lack of energy supply. But with an October deadline looming for yet another Reque...  more

Recent Advances for Organic PVs

published: 2011-09-06 8:35 | editor | category: Knowledge
Carbon-based organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells, which use organic conductive polymers as semiconductors for light absorption and electric charge transport, are significantly thinner and cheaper than their inorganic silicon-based ...  more

Conductive Paste in Solar Applications

published: 2011-09-02 9:05 | editor | category: Knowledge
There are three kinds of conductive paste used in solar applications, namely front silver paste, rear silver paste and aluminum paste. The front conductive paste collects the electricity generated by the solar cell while rear pa...  more

Storing Solar Energy for the Grid

published: 2011-08-23 9:58 | editor | category: Knowledge
Whether it is utility-scale or residential, storing solar power from PV panels in the form of electricity is currently the subject of millions of dollars of R&D in the United States where several large-scale PV power plant f...  more