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Are Graphene PVs Coming?

published: 2011-07-26 9:22 | editor | category: Knowledge
Graphene is an unusual form of pure carbon where the atoms are arranged in a honeycomb crystal lattice just one atom thick. If the term is unfamiliar, it may be because it was not proven to exist until 2004. As it exists today, ...  more

The Grid Parity Test: Comparing Apples to Oranges?

published: 2011-07-22 9:14 | editor | category: Knowledge
Many solar market pundits believe solar energy will reach grid parity within the next few years. Solar has crossed the boundaries of a supply-constrained market, to a market driven by demand-side dynamics. Firms that have manage...  more

PV-Assisted EV Charging Stations

published: 2011-07-21 17:24 | editor | category: Knowledge
With orders for EVs increasing thanks to a steady rise in gas prices, other businesses are flocking to cash in on the emerging EV charging station niche. In the United States alone, 14,000 government-funded EV charging station...  more

Italy's Solar Market Snapshot

published: 2011-07-21 10:46 | editor | category: Knowledge
Italy is seeking further renewable energy development boost from construction of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. Yet, such effort does not help much to narrow the gap between the country’s development of CSP and tha...  more

Magnifying Solar Energy: CPV Technology

published: 2011-07-20 9:02 | editor | category: Knowledge
In eight minutes, light (in the form of emitted sunlight) crosses one hundred and fifty million kilometers and reaches the earth, bringing enough energy to power our energy-intensive lifestyles many times over. Expressed numeric...  more

PV Market: Can the U.S. Reclaim the Lead in Solar?

published: 2011-07-18 9:27 | editor | category: Knowledge
For decades, the photovoltaic (PV) industry has fought for its place among mainstream energy resources. Since 2004, the global PV market has been on a course of spectacular growth. In 2010, PV worldwide installed capacity reac...  more

The Future of Silicon

published: 2011-07-15 9:15 | editor | category: Knowledge
Silicon is currently the most important raw material for the manufacture of PV panels. While PV manufacturing is high-tech, the technology that represents 80 percent of the global market has been around for 25 years and is fairl...  more

Solar Windows Help Advance the BIPV Market

published: 2011-07-14 15:10 | editor | category: Knowledge
Many countries now require double-pane glass in commercial building windows for energy efficiency. In between these panes there is usually a gas that helps to cut down on unwanted heat transfer. But these double-paned windows ha...  more

How Quantum Dots could Make Solar Technology Better

published: 2011-07-12 9:16 | editor | category: Knowledge
Solar energy offers an attractive proposition: utilize this abundant energy well and the energy supply will be guaranteed.  This is an indication of how much insolation hits the earth, and even exploiting a fraction of this...  more