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Siemens to Generate Revenue of Over €40 Billion with Green Technologies in 2014

published: 2010-11-08 15:40

In fiscal 2014, Siemens wants to exceed the €40 billion revenue mark with green technologies. In fiscal 2010, Siemens generated revenue of around €28 billion with products and solutions from its Environmental Portfolio, compared to slightly less than €27 billion in fiscal 2009. The original target of generating revenue of at least €25 billion in 2011 was thus reached significantly earlier than planned. In 2010, the latest generation of high-efficiency transformers was also included in the technology company’s green portfolio for the first time. “Green innovations are our lifeblood. We’re the largest supplier of environmental technologies in the world. We want to – and we will – increase our advantage over our most important competitors,” said Barbara Kux, the member of Siemens’ Managing Board responsible for sustainability and the further development of the Environmental Portfolio. 

In fiscal 2010, products and solutions from the Environmental Portfolio enabled Siemens customers worldwide to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by a total of around 270 million tons, an amount equal to the total annual CO2 emissions of the megacities Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo, Delhi and Singapore.

Virtually every Division in the three Sectors Industry, Energy and Healthcare is contributing to the company’s green portfolio. In 2010, the largest individual reductions in CO2 emissions were achieved by highly efficient combined-cycle power plants, wind farms, the retrofitting of existing power plants, energy-efficient lighting systems and ecofriendly trains. Other future growth drivers include, for example, smart grids and their key components, an area in which Siemens anticipates total orders of around €6 billion by the end of 2014.

Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio

The Siemens Environmental Portfolio comprises products and solutions that help cut greenhouse gas emissions or – as environmental technologies – combat air and water pollution. All products in the area of renewable energy fulfill these criteria. Product CO2 abatement potential is calculated on the basis of specific reference values. For example, the potential savings generated by today’s most advanced and efficient gas turbine power plants are calculated by comparing emission volumes per generated kilowatt hour with the worldwide average of all power plants. The contribution of light diodes and energy-saving lamps, for instance, is estimated by comparison with a reference solution. The energy savings achieved by optimizing electricity consumption in buildings are calculated on the basis of a before-and-after comparison.

Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio is being continually developed and refined. The Portfolio’s revenue and CO2 savings for fiscal 2010 will be reviewed by the auditing company Ernst & Young. This review is based on the criteria defined in the greenhouse gas initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute.

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