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With Its New VARTA Start-Stop Batteries, Johnson Controls is ready for a New Era in Battery Technology

published: 2010-12-01 15:20

Under its VARTA brand, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA has developed AGM and EFB batteries that can meet the demands of eco-friendly Start-Stop vehicle technology: the VARTA Start-Stop Plusand VARTA Start-Stop batteries are now ready to be launched to the Aftermarket.

EU regulations, rising fuel costs and increasing environmental awareness present the car industry with enormous challenges. From 2012, maximum levels of vehicle CO2 emissions will be reduced to 130 g/km across Europe and innovative Start-Stop technology, also known as micro hybrid technology, is a key part of vehicle manufacturers’ efforts to meetthis target. Interest in Start-Stop technology has already skyrocketed, with Start-Stop vehicles forecast to represent 70% of all vehiclesproduced in Europe by 2015.

"As the heart of the Start-Stop system, the battery is becoming considerably more important as part of the new technology," explains Christian Rosenkranz, Vice President of Product Engineering at Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA. As a leading battery manufacturer, the company has been involved in integrating this pioneering technology from the start and already supplies 80% of all AGM batteries fitted tonew Start-Stop vehicles. "With our new VARTA Start-Stop range featuring AGM and EFB batteries due to be launched onto the Aftermarket withinthe next few weeks, we are demonstrating our commitment to helping the car industry develop sustainable solutions for reducing CO2 emissions," points out Rosenkranz.

Start-Stop technology saves energy primarily by switching off the engine whenever the vehicle comes to a stop - whether at a red light orin a traffic jam. This results in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions being reduced by up to ten per cent. The technology focuses on supplying the vehicle’s electrical devices with the power they require and ensuring that the engine restarts reliably. With its VARTA Start-Stop Plus (AGM technology) and VARTA Start-Stop (EFB technology) batteries, Johnson Controls provides the car industry and drivers with a solution that’s been specially developed for use in Start-Stop

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