Vestas has Received an Order for 30 V52-850 KW Wind Turbines in Cape Verde

published: 2010-12-15 14:32 | editor: | category: News

Vestas has received an order for a total 25.5 MW consisting of 30 units of the V52-850 kW wind turbines for the Cabeólica project to be located on the islands of Santiago, Sal, São Vicente and Boavista in Cape Verde.

The contract comprises a full engineering procurement construction contract, a twelve-year service agreement and a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution for each wind farm. The first turbines are expected on site at the end of 2010, and the whole project is expected to be fully installed by the third quarter of 2011.

The order has been placed by Cabeólica SA, a public-private partnership (PPP) between the Government of Cape Verde, the governmental owned utility company Electra, InfraCo, a privately managed donor-funded infrastructure development company, Africa Finance Corporation, a Pan-African development finance institution and Finnfund, a Finish development finance company.

“We are very proud of having Vestas as our technology provider. Vestas has consistently shared with us its immense know-how and experience to support our efforts in creating a highly customised technical solution for the country. We strongly believe in this partnership approach and hope to build upon this experience. In addition to the full EPC role, we welcome Vestas as a long-time service provider for the project as we feel confident they share our values and will ensure we will enjoy a successful long-term wind farm operation in Cape Verde,” says Fabio D. Borba, CEO of Cabeólica.

“We are extremely proud of this order which will be the very first Vestas wind power plant in Cape Verde. This project, which will cover approx 20-25  per cent of Cape Verde’s energy demand, clearly proves the high level of wind energy penetration in the country bringing Cape Verde into the spotlight in the whole African continent. We look forward to supporting the development of wind power in Cape Verde and maintaining a fruitful and long-term relationship with Cabeólica. Our technology seeks to maximize value for our customer through low cost energy, business case certainty and being easy-to-work-with,” says Mario de Gaviria, Vestas’ Deputy General Manager in Portugal.

“Vestas is a leading wind energy company with 30 years of experience and this contract is evidence that we are a reliable and trustworthy wind technology partner,” says Juan Araluce, President of Vestas Mediterranean. “Cape Verdehas a huge unexploited wind potential and we believe that wind energy can play a significant role in diversifying the energy mix and meeting the growing electricity demand in Cape Verde,” he concludes.

The Cabeólica wind power plant will generate approx 120,000 MWh saving the environment from almost 46,000 tons of CO2 on an annual basis.

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