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Enphase Energy Opens Two Offices in France and Italy for Expansion of Microinverter Business

published: 2011-03-08 15:32

Enphase Energy’s two new European offices, located in France and Italy, have been established in order for the company to better accommodate growing demands of its microinverter system.  Both France and Italy have been cited as areas with a burgeoning solar market that stand on the brink of better implementing microinverter technology.

“Enphase pioneered microinverters, and we have quickly become the market leader in North America by designing and manufacturing superior products, building a strong installer base and providing exceptional customer support,” said Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase Energy. “With our system designed to surpass the European standards for solar electrical equipment, now is the time to build a local sales and support team to develop and commercialize this significant opportunity.”

Two new managing directors have been appointed to help Enphase realize its regional strategy and supporting the local teams. Olivier Jacques and Roberto Colombo will oversee the French and Italian offices, respectively. Jacques joins Enphase with twenty years of experience at high technology companies including tenure as country manager at Danfoss and managing director at Solar Total France.

“The solar market in France is quickly gaining interest in microinverter technology as the industry focuses on new levels of performance and simplicity,” said Jacques. “Our office will ideally serve the French Solar Valley (Rhone-Alps) and Benelux regions, which provide strong potential opportunities for our offering.”

In addition to focusing on regional strategy, Colombo will also work on channel development. He brings a background in renewable energy and country management, which includes serving as director for southern Europe at Korber Schleifring Italy.

“While most of the early adoption was for larger, utility-scale size projects, we believe the next wave of solar in Italy will benefit from technologies like microinverters that enhance return on investment, aesthetics and safety,” said Colombo. “Ease of design and installation will also be key as electricians enter the field to address the growing number of solar projects.”


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