SolarMax MT Series Awarded Two "Very Good" Marks at the Photon Test

published: 2011-07-26 9:19 | editor: | category: News

The trade publication Photon tested the SolarMax 13MT three-phase string inverter and awarded it with the prized "very good" seal of approval for its efficiency. The Sputnik Engineering AG device functions "not only precisely, but also efficiently" with MPP tracking and, according to the editors, also achieved other "very good results". This means that the device is one of the leading test candidates and "is an exemplary demonstration of the current string inverter trend: Three trackers ease the design of a system and can be implemented in order to optimise photovoltaic systems on complicated roofs."


In addition, the editors of Photon also praised the clear and compact design of the inverter, compatibility with thin-layer modules, its wide input voltage spectrum and the fact that no electrolytic capacitors have been used. The latter above all provides for the long lifetime of the devices.


The electrical engineers at Photon measured the highest efficiency with high MPP voltages, whereby the difference to low voltages and the voltage and output dependence of the conversion efficiency were extremely low in the tests. The MPPT adjustment efficiency was described in the test report as "very even and high".


"We are happy that practically all results from the Photon test laboratory correspond with our own," says Olaf Geistlinger, Product Manager for string inverters at Sputnik Engineering AG. The Swiss manufacturer introduced the MT series onto the market with an output of between 10 and 15 kilowatts. "Regardless of whether it be in Germany, France, Spain or Italy – the new series fulfils the highest standards of a wide variety of markets and therefore is one of the most important foundations in our portfolio," says Geistlinger.

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