S.A.G. Solarstrom AG Connects 48 MWP Project to the Grid Right on Schedule

published: 2011-09-05 15:06 | editor: | category: News

S.A.G. Solarstrom AG connected its 48 MWP photovoltaic project in North Italy to the grid right on schedule for the deadline on 31 August. The plant has its own transformer substation that feeds power directly to the high voltage grid. It produces more than 64 million kWh of power per year, which is sufficient for over 14,000 households. The project is the largest so far in the history of S.A.G. Solarstrom AG and its sales process is also going according to plan.

“We sped up the project because of the changed legal situation in Italy. It was originally scheduled for completion at the end of 2011,” explained Dr. Karl Kuhlmann, CEO of S.A.G. Solarstrom AG. “It is no mean feat to shorten the construction period of such a large project by several months. This is why we are particularly proud that we were able to connect the system to the grid right on time for the deadline, which ensures us an average feed-in tariff of 25.6 euro cents per kWh for the entire plant.”
The Italian Conto Energia plans monthly feed-in tariff cuts as from June 2011 until the end of the year and half-yearly cuts as from 2012. 31 August 2011 is a relevant deadline in two respects for ground-mounted systems. As from 1 September 2011, ground-mounted systems larger than 200 kWp have to be registered with the GSE in order to receive the feed-in tariff, which also has been capped at 1,200 MWp for the second half of 2011. Plants that were already connected to the grid on 31 August 2011, on the other hand, are directly entitled to the feed-in tariff and will be considered at all times with regard to the maximum output eligible for subsidies.

Green power for more than 14,000 households

The “Serenissima” photovoltaic plant was built on 150 hectares in Italy’s Venice region. Over 200,000 photovoltaic modules, around 1,160 km of cables – that is roughly twice the distance between Hamburg and Munich as the crow flies – 2,700 tonnes of steel and 44 MW stations with three inverters each went into the construction of the plant. It produces more than 64 million kWh of green power per year, enough to supply more than 14,000 four-people households. The Serenissima photovoltaic plant saves approximately 44,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, which is an important contribution to improving the carbon footprint. The green power is fed directly into the high voltage grid. S.A.G. Solarstrom AG constructed an  extendable and load management-capable substation. It is one of the most modern in Italy and has already been sold to the Italian company Terna S.P.A.

Sophisticated safety concept

S.A.G. Solarstrom AG’s well-proven safety concept has been implemented again for this ground-mounted system to prevent vandalism and theft and to ensure the plant’s earnings. The entire area is surrounded by a 2.20 m tall fence with climb-over protection. 60 thermal imaging cameras and 11 motion sensor security cameras monitor the entire area and record video footage that is transmitted to a security centre. A 24/7 security service rounds off the range of security measures.

Saleto be completed by the end of 2011

S.A.G. Solarstrom AG expects to complete the sales process in the fourth quarter. “The sales process of such a large project incurs considerable administrative costs. But we are on schedule in this respect and expect to receive the financial benefits of this project in the fourth quarter,” commented Dr. Karl Kuhlmann. “The timely completion of this plant re-confirms our 2011 forecast of sales between EUR 260 million to EUR 280 million and EBIT of EUR 16 million to EUR 18 million, despite the German market losing a lot of momentum.”

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