Intersolar 2012: SOLON Presents Energy Storage and Innovative Solutions for Industrial Roofs

published: 2012-06-12 15:25 | editor: | category: News

The solar energy company SOLON is presenting two new products at this year’s Intersolar Europe trade fair: the SOLiberty storage system and the SOLbond Seam, a photovoltaic system for commercial and industrial roofs. Intersolar Europe is the world’s largest trade fair for the solar industry and is being held in Munich from June 13 to 15.

The SOLON SOLiberty storage system enables owners of photovoltaic power systems to cover up to 70% of their annual power consumption and be less dependent on power supply companies. The system has a capacity of 24 kWh, allowing it to cover the average daily power consumption of a family of four. SOLiberty by SOLON is a low-maintenance, reliable and stable storage solution offering good value for money to consumers who want to stop being dependent on rising electricity prices and contribute their share to the energy revolution.

The SOLbond Seam PV system allows commercial and industrial buildings with standing seam roofs to be used for electricity generation. These roofs usually have a low load reserve, so the light SOLbond Seam system is the optimal solution. It is attached to rails that do not penetrate the roof membrane and weighs only 11 kg/m2.

“Our new products are attractive solutions for owners of private homes and industrial roofs,” says Stefan Säuberlich, Chief Executive Officer of SOLON Energy GmbH. “The SOLON SOLiberty is a cost-effective way for consumers to store electricity even beyond feed-in tariffs, making it a safe investment. It also plays a part in decentralized power supply.” According to Säuberlich, SOLON systems for industrial roofs now make it possible to use numerous surfaces to generate electricity that were previously unavailable for this purpose. “Another advantage of the products: electricity production is the highest when consumption is at its peak, in the middle of the day.”

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