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Sunways Impresses with most Powerful Solar Inverter in Photon Test

published: 2012-09-05 14:35

Sunways Solar Inverter PT 33k receives top mark "very good" on two occasions

The best ever central inverter from the test series to date

Extra points awarded for high efficiency

The Sunways Solar Inverter PT 33k from the Performance Technology series has scored better in leading solar magazine Photon's central inverter test than any other product to date. The transformerless, three-phase-feed-in central inverter for large-scale photovoltaic systems received the top grade "very good" on two occasions.

Twice awarded "very good" for efficiency

The inverter's high overall efficiency of up to 98.1 percent was something that received a lot of positive attention from testers. At the same time, the test series displayed a consistently high degree of efficiency at very low power dependence. As a result, the Sunways Solar Inverter PT 33k achieved very good efficiency ratings from Photon of 96.7 percent for medium and 96.8 percent for high irradiance levels. The Sunways solar inverter gained extra points with its DC and AC overvoltage protection and very wide operating temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees Celsius. Tests at higher ambient temperatures have shown that the PT 33k is able to feed 100 percent of its rated output into the grid at temperatures of up to approx. 45.3 degrees Celsius. When combined with the IP 55 protection rating (outdoor version) and optional sun protection, the inverter can also be placed outside.

Excellent graphical display

The graphics-capable display also impressed testers with its high-precision display of output power and extensive range of analysis options. The PT 33k has also incorporated the Sunways "All-in-one" communication concept and is very user-friendly thanks to its network connection, integrated Sunways Browser, CAN bus networking and active email alerts.

Also suitable for use with thin-film modules

The compact Sunways Solar Inverter PT 33k weighs 155 kg (outdoor version 170 kg), has a rated DC output of 34.5 kilowatts, a rated AC output of 33.3 kilowatts and a maximum input voltage of 1000 volts. Despite its transformerless design, it is suitable for use with a wide range of thin-film modules. If that wasn't enough, the reddot design award winner has been certified according to the current Medium Voltage Directive and Low Voltage Directive VDE AR-N 4105 since April 2011.

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