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SOLON: Order for a 2.6 MW Solar Power Plant

published: 2012-09-28 14:38

- SOLON builds second solar farm in Lübesse

- Real-time monitoring via Internet with SOLON Vega system

- SOLON has already installed the Lübesse I solar farm (2.5 MW)

After a nationwide call for tenders, SOLON Energy GmbH won the bid to build a second photovoltaic power plant in Lübesse (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). The 2.6 MW plant is slated to go online at the end of October. Back in 2012, SOLON already planed and implemented the first Lübesse solar farm with a total of 2.5 MW.

SOLON has been commissioned to plan the second solar farm as well as deliver and install the modules over an area covering 6.2 ha, which corresponds to around ten soccer fields.

The company will also install its SOLON Vega monitoring system. The system will monitor the power plant automatically and in real time over the Internet, control the plant all the way down to the component level and retrieve current yield and performance figures.

"SOLON plants will soon deliver a total solar power capacity of 5.1 MW in the local authority of Lübesse," said Dr. Lars Podlowski, SOLON Director for Technology. "This can supply around 2,000 households with environmentally-friendly power." As a result, Lübesse will produce significantly more power than the approximate 750 residents need and will feed the solar power into the public grid. "A specific contribution to the energy revolution," said Podlowski.

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