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The Three-phase Inverter for Private Homes: SMA Introduces the “Small” Sunny Tripower

published: 2012-11-23 14:47

SMA Solar Technology AG has also made the Sunny Tripower available since October with the power ranges of 5 to 9 kW. The smaller brother of SMA’s “flagship” of decentralized PV inverters is entirely customized to the needs of private plant owners. It boasts a high level of flexibility, outstanding efficiency and first-class communication technology – to name only a few examples.

Multistring for a High Level of Flexibility

Just like the 10 to 17 kW Sunny Tripower, the “small” Sunny Tripower also integrates the asymmetrical Multistring concept, Optiflex. “Installers benefit from a high degree of module compatibility and seamless construction that exactly suits the required number of modules with just one inverter,” explains product manager Wilfried Vogt.

Efficiency not the only Mark of Excellence

The Sunny Tripower for private homes does not lack anything that the larger model offers. “Its technical features make it the standard for mid to large scale residential PV systems,” emphasizes Vogt. Finally, the device has an excellent peak efficiency of over 98 percent, a highly efficient shade management thanks to OptiTrac Global Peak and the option of an integrated SMA Power Control Module as a multi-function interface.

Complimentary: Valuable Sunny Portal Connection

The new Sunny Tripower features online monitoring for the system operator to control up to four inverters using the new, integrated Webconnect function and complimentary basic access to Sunny Portal. For setup, the LAN cable only needs to be plugged in outside and connected to the DSL router, and the Plug & Play installation is complete. Any possible abnormalities or interferences in operation will be quickly detected, and a notification will be sent by e-mail through the Sunny Portal. This way the Sunny Tripower secures optimal plant availability.

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