Seamlessly Blending Together: The SMA Cluster Controller for Decentralized Large-Scale PV Power Plants

published: 2013-01-30 15:06 | editor: | category: News

SMA Solar Technology AG(SMA) now supports plant operators even better in monitoring and control of decentralized large-scale PV power plants: Along with the highly efficient SMA string inverters, the new SMA Cluster Controller, which is available now, is the perfect system solution up to the megawatt range.

Maximum Performance and Varied Functions

The SMA Cluster Controller offers reliable monitoring and control of up to 75 string inverters thanks to the Ethernet-based Speedwire fieldbus and the high-performance dual-core processor. Due to the high-performance bus system with 100 Mbit/s technology, plant operators receive advantages, such as optimum data transmission rates for plant monitoring and fast processing of measured values, status updates, and plant control commands. Furthermore, the many different connection options for the sensors enable plant operators to evaluate nominal plant power more precisely. In addition to the status updates, the nominal plant power can be viewed using Sunny Portal.

Modularized, (De)centralized, Optimized

With its modular structure, every decentralized large-scale PV power plant that has an SMA Cluster Controller guarantees sustainable plant management. The flexible system solution incorporating any number of Cluster Controllers, the Speedwire fieldbus, and the PV farm management system using the Power Plant Controller provides for the possibility to flexibly change the power output of PV plants. The modular system can be expanded as needed because additional clusters can be added conveniently.

With the SMA solutions designed especially for PV power plants, systems, even in the megawatt range, can be monitored reliably and comprehensively. With this, they help to reduce costs and thus ensure attractive yields. Moreover, they naturally meet all legal and normative requirements.

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