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Enecsys Unveils Next Generation Global Micro Inverter Platform

published: 2013-04-03 14:19

Second generation field-configurable micro inverter to fuel compelling AC Module offerings by leading solar panel manufacturers.

Enecsys Limited, a premier supplier of micro inverter products for the global solar market, today announced the launch of its second generation micro inverter platform, including a new communications gateway and online monitoring service. Building upon its success over the last year while expanding deployments of its first generation platform in key international markets across Europe, North America and Australia, this second generation platform offers substantial benefits to system owners and installers alike when compared to existing competitive offerings.

For example, system owners, integrators, installers and financiers backing third-party owned systems place a premium on the ability to maximize energy harvest. The Enecsys second generation micro inverter dramatically boosts energy harvest through a combination of improved efficiency and increased maximum output power ability; yielding up to 33% improvement in maximum power output over the prior Enecsys offering and up to 40% ahead of a leading alternative micro inverter offering. This uncompromised performance is offered in two distinct packages: one specifically designed to respond to integration opportunities across a wide range of panel manufacturers who offer integrated AC Modules as well as a traditional rack mount version enabling custom installer configurations.

The Enecsys second generation micro inverter is currently offered in single versions in increments from 240W up to 300W maximum AC output, with a micro inverter industry-leading peak efficiency of 96.5%, maintaining Enecsys technology innovation at the forefront of maximum energy harvest capacity with the broadest global certifications. Enecsys micro inverter technology thus enables use of many high power 60-cell modules, providing maximum energy harvest in the smallest footprint. Further, a simplified cabling solution enables improved installer productivity with faster and thus lower cost installations. Rack mount versions of the micro inverter are certified in key European, North American and Australian markets.

"The global residential rooftop and light commercial solar market segments remain robust and underpenetrated and our next generation Enecsys micro inverter is well suited to fuel growth with its power scale up to 300W AC," commented Mike Fister, President and CEO of Enecsys. "Installation is expedited and simplified by the ability of the Enecsys system to automatically self-configure to local grid protocols via the Enecsys Gateway based on the actual country of installation."

The micro inverter is accompanied by a next generation Enecsys Gateway, enabling seamless field configurability and upgradability along with the Enecsys Monitoring System, allowing system owners and installers the ability to monitor energy production on a panel-by-panel basis in real time and proactively and precisely address any maintenance issues.

The Enecsys second generation micro inverter packaging has been significantly redesigned in a new patented form factor with an integrated mounting method, making it extremely well suited for integration by OEM partners into AC Module product families. This hermetically sealed package, along with the continued incorporation of exclusively high reliability components assures a reliable solution backed by a new 25 year warranty.

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