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Trina Solar Statement on Preliminary Determination of Anti-Dumping Duty in EU

published: 2013-06-06 18:17

Trina Solar Limited  (“Trina Solar” or “the Company”), a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services, offers the following statement regarding the preliminary determination of anti-dumping duties by the European Commission.

On June 5, 2013, the European Commission announced a preliminary determination imposing an anti-dumping duty on imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and key components from China. A provisional anti-dumping duty of 11.8% will be applied for two months on the imports of PV products into EU member countries by Chinese manufacturers, including Trina Solar, beginning on June 6, 2013. After August 6, 2013, provisional rates of 37% to 67% will automatically apply to these products, including a rate 51.5% on PV products from Trina Solar, if an alternative solution has not been agreed upon between the European Commission and China. By December 5, 2013, the European Commission will decide whether definitive anti-dumping duties will be imposed for a duration of five years.

"Trina Solar disagrees with the European Commission’s determination and believes that it will negatively affect the European solar industry and is against the interests of the global solar market," said Ben Hill, President of Trina Solar Europe.

Mr. Gao concluded, "We will continue to cooperate with the European Commission’s investigation, and use evidence to defend our position that these duties are unwarranted and serve as an impediment to the broader adoption of solar energy as a sustainable energy source. We urge all parties involved to reach seek for a mutually beneficial solution through consultation and negotiation. As a forward-thinking global company, we will continue to deploy options to most effectively serve all of our solar markets."

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