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Smart Renesola PV Modules with Embedded SolarEdge Technologies

published: 2013-06-27 23:24

The renowned PV manufacturer ReneSola now offers PV modules with embedded power optimization technology from SolarEdge Technologies. As partner, the Lithuanian module manufacturer Via Solis integrates the SolarEdge power optimizer technology into the prefabricated ReneSola modules, and supervises the distribution of the smart PV modules throughoutEurope. The first smart ReneSola PV modules come in wattages of 250 Watt, and will be delivered to first customers at September 2013.

This agreement extends ReneSola’s product range to include smart PV modules. Smart ReneSola PV modules with embedded SolarEdge power optimizer technology offer cost saving installation due to fewer components compared with stand-alone optimization solutions. Via Solis’ one-stop service for both PV and optimizer components ensures fast and flexible deliveries to the customers. The embedded SolarEdge technology prevents power losses caused by panel mismatch, soiling and partial shading, and thus enable up to 25% more power production. The module-level power optimizers also enable per module performance monitoring for cost efficient and advanced maintenance. The unique SafeDC™ feature of the power optimizers enables automatic DC voltage shutdown, thus ensuring maximum safety for installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters.
Smart modules offer faster ROI
“Our smart ReneSola modules equipped with SolarEdge power optimizer units will provide an even faster ROIs to our customers working with SolarEdge optimization technology. As the product is assembled in Europe by Via Solis, a manufacturer greatly experienced with SolarEdge technology, it will qualify for FIT bonuses for PV components assembled in Europe.”, says Florian Dieckmann, Marketing Manager at ReneSola Europe. “Thanks to high speed train connections betweenChinaandLithuania, we are also able to fasten the transport of our products in an environmentally friendly way to our partner Via Solis.”
The Lithuanian module manufacturer and provider of PV system solutions has already installed more than 3 MW of PV projects with SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters inLithuania. “With these new modules we will extend our business throughoutEurope”, says Rimvydas Karoblis, CEO of Via Solis. “Together with our partners we offer high quality smart modules.”
“We are very pleased to have convinced another leading international module manufacturer to integrate our power optimizing technology”, says Joachim Nell, General Manager of SolarEdge,Central Europe. “This underlines the increasing importance of flexible system designs, which take into account mismatching between individual modules and hence deliver a higher energy yield.”

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