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Meyer Burger and LayTec Announce Cooperation

published: 2013-07-05 14:01

LayTec has announced that its cooperation with Meyer Burger, a global technology group specializing in systems, product equipment and services along the photovoltaic value chain including the manufacturing processes for wafers, solar cells, solar modules and solar systems. Combined efforts of both companies resulted in the world’s first fully integrated EVA cross-linking metrology solution for PV module production lines.

Metrology experts of LayTec and lamination specialists of Meyer Burger together developed a stream-lined solution for process optimization and yield enhancement in module manufacturing lines. The measurement heads are directly integrated in the cooling press of Meyer Burger laminators. They facilitate closed loop process control and 100% quality assurance of EVA lamination. The system fully replaces slow, error-prone and costly off-line analysis methods.

Philippe Baur, CEO Meyer Burger Division Module, says: "Until recently, the guaranteed life-time and long term stability of a module was calculated by carrying out destructive off-line tests on less than 1% of the modules and then statistically extrapolating the results for end customers. By integrating original OEM technology into the non-destructive lamination process control, our customers will now be able to undisputedly prove the long-term stability of 100% of their modules.”

Tobias Schenk, president of LayTec in-line GmbH, adds: “Based on in-line and off-line X Link technology, certifiers can now refer to a non-destructive and repeatable standard method for line and fab certifications.”

An upgrade of existing Meyer Burger laminators is possible.

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