Proinso shows PV-Diesel hybrid systems in India and Japan

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24 July 2013. PROINSO, a global supplier of PV solar products, has recently presented its PV-Diesel hybrid solutions in India.

The PV-Diesel systems by PROINSO include modules from leading brands, three-phase or central inverters from SMA, fuel save controllers from SMA and structures from MECASOLAR. These systems combine PV power generation systems and diesel engines. This combination reduces diesel generator use and diesel fuel consumption. Depending on location, time of diesel generator use and size of PV-DIESEL system, they have a return on investment period of less than six years.

The hybrid systems are becoming increasingly popular in emerging or developing countries that lack power distribution grids and are used to generating electricity with combustion engines. They save diesel fuel consumption and considerably reduce CO2emissions. They even need fewer diesel engines, depending on working times and electricity generation needs.

The fuel save controller by SMA is a smart solution that ensures demand-oriented control of the PV system dependent on the plant’s load and the engine generator’s characteristics. With the fuel save controller, the maximum PV power ratio is 60% of the maximum genset capacity in kVAs.

PROINSO participated in the Solar Energy Technology Forum, held on 18 July in Coimbatore, India. The company was one of the event’s partners. Through SMA, strategic partner in India and other markets, PROINSO presented its hybrid solutions and systems.

The PV-DIESEL hybrid solutions’ size ranges from 300kVA to 6MVA. From 300kVA, PROINSO conducts a study considering the power generation hours and the PV installation, and calculating the reduction in diesel fuel consumption. With this information, the customer can estimate cost cuts. The study shows the necessary PV output and the number of three-phase or central inverters, modules and SMA fuel save controllers required.

Recently, the company announced the supply of 5MW to the first on-the grid solar PV project on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, specifically in the capital, Port Blair. These 5MW add to the 55MW in PV products supplied by the multinational in India to different PV projects.


From 24 to 26 July, PROINSO will be in Tokyo, participating in PV JAPAN, the leading solar PV power trade show in the Asian country, where the company has a branch.

At the event, PROINSO will introduce the PV-DIESEL hybrid solutions and its new PROINSO SOLAR CATALOGUE 2013-2014, launched in June and containing more than 440 PV solar products.

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