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ReneSola Provides Lightsource Renewable Energy with 69.5 MW of Solar Modules

published: 2013-09-02 15:09

ReneSola Ltd, a brand and technology provider of solar photovoltaic products, announced on August 29th, 2013, it has signed a series of agreements to provide Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited, the largest solar energy generator in the United Kingdom, with 69.5 megawatts of solar modules for installation on solar farms in the United Kingdom. Once installed, the modules are expected to generate enough clean electricity to power more than 23,000 U.K. households.

Mr. Xianshou Li, ReneSola's chief executive officer, said, "We have been working with Lightsource for almost three years now, highlighted by this year's significantly large order of modules. We are confident that our high-efficiency modules will enable Lightsource solar farms to operate at peak performance. The quality of our glass allows our modules to reach relatively high electricity production levels, particularly with regard to diffused light, which is characteristic of the cloudy and overcast conditions often seen in the U.K. With our local presence, particularly during what was a time of regulatory uncertainty, we were able to mobilise up to 15 MWp of delivery per week to our U.K. customers, which underscores the value of our global network of local offices."

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