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Chinese Cell Manufacturers to Resume Production due to Increased PV System Installation

published: 2013-11-18 18:50

The increased investment in PV system installation before the end of 2013 causes production to be resumed for second/third-tier Chinese cell manufacturers before Chinese Lunar New Year in 2014. It will bring more uncertainties to 4Q13. As for Taiwan’s manufacturers, they will continue watch out for the situation and the policies which will be finalized by the EU Commission in December. Moreover, the industry will be more conservative towards capacity expansion in 2014.

Certain cell manufacturers indicate that although the growth of PV market has increased quarter by quarter in 2013, the capacity wasn’t fully utilized. The prior mission in 2014 is to sell all products produced and to improve the production processes.

Besides, after Shunfeng PV has won a bid of RMB3 billion in acquiring Wuxi Suntech, Suntech has resumed production follow the restructure of asset and debt structure.

What’s Wuxi Suntech used to be good at was the development in the Japanese residential market. In terms of non-residential market, they chose to work strategically with Toshiba. Toshiba cooperated with Mitsubishi, Mitsui, and other companies to build a 50MW solar plant and a 6MW wind plant in Tahara, Aichi (98 hectares). The total investment was JP¥20 billion.

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