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PVforum 2013 Report is Available for Downloading

published: 2013-12-20 18:02

As more countries continually introduce subsidy policies for PV plants, the PV market has become an important target for global investment. The title of PVforum 2013 was “Market Status and Future Development for Solar Power Plants in Asia” and topics including technological threshold, solar insurance and O&M, visions for PV plants, energy-storage system and outlook of Asian markets were discussed profoundly.

“Asian-Pacific PV markets like India and Australia are progressing steadily, while new markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are promising of further development in the following years,” stated Jason Huang, Research Manager for EnergyTrend. He gave a speech titled “Outlook for China and Southeast-Asia PV Market” to explain his observation and prediction. In his opinion, although these four Southeast-Asian countries do introduce Feed-in-Tariff policies and some renewable energy installation goals, there are still lots of unpredictable risks which may cause impact on investment.

On PVforum 2013, several speakers shared their professional opinions with attendees. Now, readers of EnergyTrend are also able to access to Jason Huang’s exceptional report once finishing the questionarire.



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