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Toyota to Test on Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles

published: 2014-02-18 14:15

In order to charge Japanese company’s electric vehicles / cars automatically, Toyota is testing a wireless system to top up the batteries when those EVs are positioned over a charging coil, according to a CTV News’ report.

The new system Toyota is testing is different from an ordinary wireless charging technology which needs to make physical contact with a battery, this system adopts magnetic resonance and can charge an EV’s battery from a short distance. Thus, car owners can just park their EVs in a special-designed magnetic coil and have their EVs completely recharged.

CTV News reports that Toyota's plan is to fit recharging coils under parking spaces and then to tweak its existing parking assist technology to ensure that any compatible car is optimally positioned over the coil when it stops. The company is now implementing a test program through three plug-in hybrid cars and it will also evaluate users’ opinions and needs before commercialization.

Toyota is not the only carmaker who has been trying to developing such a technology. Nissan, another Japanese EV pioneer, also does. CTV’s report revealed that South Korea is the only country which has ever made the similar technology applicable.

Phto Credit: Toyota / CTV News
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