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Volvo’s Next EV is a Small SUV Named EX30

published 2023 年 05 月 23 日 9:30 | category News
Volvo’s most anticipated luxury electricity SUV EX90 has yet to be officially available, but the Swedish manufacturer is now seemingly prepared to launch the successor of EX90, a small electric SUV EX30. ...  more

Swedish Micro EV Aims to Combat SUV Dominance in Urban Areas

published 2023 年 05 月 22 日 9:30 | category News
Swedish automotive manufacturer Luvly plans to produce a minimalist ultra-efficient micro EV tailored for city living, addressing growing dissatisfaction with SUV prevalence in urban environments. Luvly’s unique strategy involves flat-packed transport of vehicle components to micro-factories for assembly—similar to IKEA’s model—significantly reducing carbon emissions and alleviating urban traffic congestion. ...  more

Michelin’s High-Performance Pilot Sport EV Tire Is Now Available in Taiwan

published 2023 年 05 月 08 日 14:38 | category News
Michelin’s high-performance tires for electric vehicles have finally gone on sale in Taiwan. The latest addition to the Pilot Sport lineup is specifically designed for EVs with an emphasis on range improvement, high performance and even durability. What kind of cutting-edge technology is behind these tires, and how much do they cost? ...  more

Sunwoda Posted RMB 52.162 Billion in Revenue for 2022 and Turned to Loss in 1Q23

published 2023 年 05 月 05 日 9:30 | category News
On April 27, Sunwoda released its financial reports for 2022 and 1Q23. Regarding its performance for 2022, Sunwoda posted RMB 52.162 billion in realized revenue, showing a YoY increase of 39.63%. Its net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed companies came to a total of RMB 1.064 billion, reflecting a YoY growth of 16.17%. ...  more

Bosch Acquires TSI Semiconductors, Targets SiC Chip Production by 2026

published 2023 年 05 月 05 日 9:30 | category News
Bosch, the German automotive chip giant, is set to acquire TSI semiconductors in response to growing demand from the EV market, international media reports. Although the acquisition amount remains undisclosed, Bosch has emphasized that the actual amount will depend on subsidies from US chip legislation. ...  more