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Mission X: Porsche’s Revolutionary Electric Supercar Concept Sets its Sights on the Nürburgring Crown

published: 2023-07-04 9:30

Continuing its journey of innovation in the electric sports car market, Porsche has unveiled its all-electric supercar concept, Mission X. This latest innovation doesn’t merely stop at the benchmark set by Taycan. Instead, it draws from the prestigious lineage of the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, aiming to create an electric sports car that can earn the title of the fastest road car at the Nürburgring.

Dubbed the epitome of performance and luxury, the Porsche Mission X Concept signals a new era in the automaker’s history. The concept car is no longer just a flash show of unattainable technology. Instead, it resembles a prototype vehicle, showcasing an earnest push toward mass production.

This isn’t grandstanding; the evidence is all evident in the Mission X’s ambitious goal. Its aspiration to conquer the Nürburgring North Loop, known as “The Green Hell,” is a testament to its production-ready focus. To clinch this prestigious title, a car must be more than a concept’ it must be a production vehicle.

Measuring approximately 4.5m in length and 2m in width, with a wheelbase of 2.73m, the Mission X is a relatively compact supercar. It mirrors its predecessors, the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, in these dimensions. Moreover, its 20-inch front and 21-inch rear tires have been chosen with meticulous attention to aerodynamic performance.

Notable is the Mission X’s lightweight glass dome, crafted with a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic structure, extending over both seats. It boasts Le Mans-style doors, harking back to the legendary design of Porsche’s race car 917.

The rear of the Mission X presents an eye-catching through-type taillight. The lit-up “Porsche” wording in a floating design extends fully across to both sides of the rear, marking a distinct design element. Furthermore, when the car is charging, the ‘E’ in the Porsche logo subtly pulses, adding a touch of visual grandeur.

For the first time, the Mission X features the latest version of the Porsche emblem. This modernized emblem, compared to previous versions, adopts a sophisticated brushed metal design, a vibrant 3D honeycomb structure, a newly updated animal emblem, and a subtle, elegant gold color. This contemporary version of the emblem simplifies the visual lines from previous designs, elevating the craftsmanship to communicate Porsche’s unique character more effectively. The emblem is prominently placed on the front hood and steering wheel of the Mission X, and is presented in a monochrome format at the center of the wheels.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is the Mission X’s innovative e-Core layout. The battery, installed behind the seats, concentrates weight in the middle of the vehicle, akin to a traditional mid-engine sports car. This unique configuration provides remarkable handling flexibility. In a daring move, Porsche has opted for a 900V architecture, a significant jump from the Taycan’s 800V system. The company claims this offers a charging speed almost twice that of the Taycan.

The Taycan’s stellar performance at the Nürburgring race track is well-documented. However, the Mission X is designed to surpass it, thanks to a power-to-weight ratio close to 1:1 along with precision-engineered aerodynamics that eclipse even the 911 GT3 RS. Should this futuristic concept car transition to mass production, it could well become the fastest road car on the notorious Nürburgring North Loop race track. The electric supercar era has never looked so exciting.

 (Image Source: Porsche)

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