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Italy Boosts Renewable Energy Targets

published: 2023-07-04 13:10

Energy Ministry Sets New Goal of 65% Renewables in Electricity Consumption by 2030, as Part of Revised NECP

Italy’s Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) has submitted a revised proposal for the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC or NECP). The new plan sets a target for Italy to achieve a 65% share of renewable energy in national electricity consumption by 2030. In addition, the proposal aims for renewables to constitute 40% of gross final energy consumption, with specific targets of 37% in heating and cooling sectors, 31% in transport, and 42% for industrial use of hydrogen, according to a statement from the ministry.

Italian Energy Minister Gilberto Pichetto expressed satisfaction with the revisions, stating that they align with the majority of targets established by European environmental and climate legislation, and in some cases, even surpass EU goals. Pichetto emphasized the importance of a realistic and sustainable transition that supports the Italian economic system, highlighting the intensive work undertaken by MASE in crafting the proposal.

Italy expects to receive final approval for the revised PNIEC by June 2024, once all necessary inputs have been considered. However, Italy's 2018 NECP does not align with the revised EU targets, which have been adjusted in response to the energy crisis triggered by Russian aggression in Ukraine, according to local renewable energy associations. To achieve the REPowerEU targets, Italy needs to install a minimum of 85 GW of new renewable energy capacity by 2030, including 58 GW of solar PV, as stated in SolarPower Europe's Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027.

During a conference held in May 2023, Minister Pichetto announced the government's aim to achieve 80 GW of renewables capacity in the next 7 to 8 years, with the intention of reducing reliance on fossil fuels. For the record, Italy added 2.48 GW of new solar capacity in 2022, bringing the national total for solar energy generation to over 25 GW, according to Italia Solar.

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