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Chile’s PV Capacity Reaches 150 MW after Two PV Plants Coming Online

published: 2014-03-24 17:26

Two utility-scale solar PV plants have been completely installed in Chile earlier this year, representing 144 MW (AC) of new capacity and bringing Chile to 150 MW of PV installation. The larger third one is under construction.

Solar Server reported that Chile’s Center for Renewable Energy (CER) has announced the completion of three large-scale PV power plants of 144 MW (AC) by working with SunEdison Inc. The 93 MW Amanecer PV plant, the largest one in Latin American, and the 48.2MW Scan Sndres PV plant are completed by SunEdison. There is one more PV power plant “Project Salvador” which is larger than the previous two plants. The third PV plant is planned to be completed after 4Q14.

Both the Amanecer and San Andres power plants are connected to Chile’s Central Grid (SIC). Solar Server said that Amanecer has a power purchase agreement with CAP, a mining company, while San Andres is the first fully merchant project in Latin America -- power generated by the San Andres plant will be sold to the wholesale market. Also, San Andres will provide electricity to Santiago.

According to CER, Chile has approved 5.9GW of PV projects and there are 225MW of plants under construction now. Yen not all of the projects are certain to start constructing at the moment.

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