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China to Set 2014 New PV Installation Target at 10GW

published: 2014-06-19 17:37

At a conference called by China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) for issues about PV construction and industrial development, it was officially unveiled that China will install at least 10GW of new PV systems during 2014.

Wu Xing-xiong (吳新雄), head of NEA, emphasized on the conference that China will endeavor to install 10GW of new PV system this year, and it will continue prompting distributed PV generation (DG) as well. However, the capacity allocation of DG and ground-mounted PV systems will respectively become 4GW and 6GW, meaning that the new target of DG installation is only a half of the original aim, 8GW.

“In 2014, 3GW to 4GW of new DG installation can be regarded as target completed,” said an observer of PV industry. “Adding the 6GW of ground-mounted PV systems, I think it is likely for China to achieve the 10GW target.”

Although China’s DG installation didn’t go very well in the first half of 2014, construction plans for large-scale PV power plants are as vigorous as recent years. PV companies like Zhongli Sci-Tech Group, Chint Group and LINYANG Electronics are announcing PV plants projects, and all those projects’ capacities are above 100MW.

Still, China remains ambitious of DG systems. Wu introduced several schemes to support DG’s development. These schemes are about standardized agreements between roof owners and PV installers, rooftop resources investigating programs, regional plans, suitable business models and new supporting policies. However, it’s not clear enough for judging if these schemes are workable or not at the moment.

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