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Panasonic Eco Solutions Achieves Record-Setting Low Claim Rate for HIT PV Modules in Europe

published: 2014-09-22 16:01

Panasonic Eco Solutions has achieved a new European record low claim rate of 0.00381% for its solar modules. Panasonic has sold over 3.5 million modules across Europe since 2003, recording just 137 claims for HIT®during that time.

“Quality is a key driver in our success within the European solar market,” stated Daniel Roca, UK country manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe. “This technology provides one of the highest power efficiencies in the industry. Combining that with a record low-claim rate provides an exceptional product for the European market.”

HIT®is certified as being amongst the most powerful and reliable modules within the solar market. The patented technology combines unparalleled low long-term degradation and maximum suppression of thermal and mechanical stress, thus delivering exceptional module reliability.

“After almost 40 years of manufacturing high quality solar products, Panasonic has consistently achieved best quality and reliability levels through continuous improvement of our solar solutions,” added Roca. “After recently becoming the first solar manufacturer to achieve a conversion efficiency of over 25% for practically sized cells, we will continue to pursue technology development of HIT®, aimed at bringing higher efficiency to our module product line, delivering even more value to our customers.”

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