Sharp Unveils “BLACKSOLAR” the Mono-si PV Module for Residential Rooftops

published: 2014-11-20 17:26 | editor: | category: News

To make better use of residential rooftops, Japan-based Sharp Corporation unveiled its newest PV module product line called “BLACKSOLAR.” With four distinct module designs, BLACKSOLAR is able to generate more power by wider installation area.

BLACKSOLAR modules use high-efficiency mono-si PV cells produced by Sharp. These PV cells can generate 3.5% more power than usual ones due to advanced electrode and copper wiring configure. In addition, the four different models can adequately be installed on pitched roofs, which are common in Japan, to make a good use of the whole rooftop. As there are a pair of corner models to be installed along the angles, the total installing capacity on a rooftop can consequently be increased about 30%.

Demonstration to BLACKSOLAR installed on rooftops. (Source: Sharp)

Sharp release the industry-leading “BLACKSOLAR premium guarantee” program along with the unveil of BLACKSOLAR, offering its customers a 20-years module guarantee as well as a 15-year free system guarantee. Sharp is looking forward to encourage more households to adopt solar systems by providing reliable products and services.

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