Automotive Experts to Gather in IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference

published: 2014-11-26 11:42 | editor: | category: News

IEEE announced its International Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC) will be held 17-19 December, 2014, at the Florence Congress Centre Palazzo dei Congressi, hosted inside Villa Vittoria in Florence, Italy.

The three-day event will be organized by the IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative and will bring together distinguished thought leaders, researchers and auto manufacturers to accelerate the development of new technologies for electric vehicles and focus on the latest challenges and strategic developments driving important practical applications in electrified transportation.

“Vehicle-to-grid communications, battery design, wireless charging and other technologies in the electric vehicle ecosystem are rapidly advancing and require global engagement to bring new technologies to bear and IEVC 2014 is the venue to expand that dialog,” said Giuseppe Tomasso, IEEE Member and General Conference Chair for IEVC. "IEVC 2014 is the successful conclusion to a busy year of industry outreach, publications, conferences, standards, education for the electrified transport industry. IEEE is proud to do our part to support the development of clean, efficient, connected and safe vehicle technology. IEVC 2014 is where all of this comes together."

The IEVC offers a rich program consisting of keynote and plenary talks, as well as tutorial and group discussions. Speakers and panelists will cover an array of topic areas and concepts in transportation electrification including development of wireless charging standards, energy efficiency optimization, EV integration with the power grid, V2V communication, as well as the latest trends in power energy storage and challenges in dynamic wireless charging. The event features a diverse lineup of acknowledged experts and distinguished speakers from leading automotive manufacturers including:

  • Peter Van Manen, McLaren, Vice President of Applied Technologies
  • Julian Weber, BMW, Head of Innovation Projects E-Mobility
  • Jae Seung Lee, Toyota, Manager of North American Research Institute

Click here for a detailed overview of the conference program. (PDF document)

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