SAS to Further Focus on PV Vertical Integration and Expansion in the Future

published: 2014-11-28 16:52 | editor: | category: News

SAS, a global leader in semiconductor and solar PV industries, not only is optimistic about the future of the semiconductor industry, but also will put greater emphasis on the vertical integration and expansion of the PV industry.

In addition to SAS’ existing PV wafers, it has acquired 100% shares of stock from a mono-si PV cell company, Sunrise, and a Germany-based PV module company, Aleo, to complete its vertical integration plan. SAS may build PV production lines in its U.S. and German plants to supply the U.S. and European markets closely.

After the acquisition of Sunrise, SAS’ mono-si PV cell capacity reached 500MW. It will increase 50% to 850MW next year, putting SAS at a leading position within Chinese PV cells. It also shows that SAS is highly positive about its PV cell potential.

Furthermore, SAS’ financial performance is exceptional in the third quarter this year and it will continue to improve next year. KGI predicted that SAS’ PV expansion will remain next year due to SAS’ continuous shipment to the U.S. after July and strong demand of semiconductor silicon wafer.

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