China Sunergy Launches High Power Output Solar Modules

published: 2014-12-19 14:25 | editor: | category: News

China Sunergy (CSUN) launched two new sets of high-output solar modules with rated power of over 270W assembled with multi-Si cells and over 325W assembled with mono-Si cells. The company also announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Science Technology Co., Ltd. (SST), was recognized as Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center by the Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission (EITC). 

China Sunergy's new high power output solar modules' average power output surpass those of the industry's other mainstream modules by as much as 15W per module, thereby offering meaningful efficiency savings to the Company's high-power generation customers. The new high power output solar modules are rated at over 270W when assembled with 60 of the Company's multi-Si cells, and at over 325W when assembled with 72 of the Company's mono-Si cells. 

In November 2014, SST was recognized as Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center by the prestigious EITC. Of the 36 nominated enterprises on EITC's Twentieth Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center Award, SST was the only enterprise from Shanghai's Songjiang District.

Dr. Jianhua Zhao, Chief Technology Officer of China Sunergy commented, "We are honored to receive EITC's recognition as the sole representative from Songjiang District for this year's Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center Award. Continuing with our blueprint of converting success in the R&D lab into innovative commercial products, we are excited with the launch of our new industry-leading high power output modules. We are committed to driving sustainable growth by continually advancing our products and brand through technological innovations."

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