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Cayman’s Hurricane-surviving Rooftop Solar System Installed in Cayman International School

published: 2015-01-05 15:39

Cayman International School is excited to unveil a very sunshine-filled landmark. Thanks to the engineering, design build work by Cayman Solar, the school’s Arts and Recreation Center is now home to the largest rooftop solar system in all of the Cayman Islands.

The new system, which was installed within only 10 days, is larger than the previous record holder, an installation in adjoining Caymana Bay also built by Cayman Solar. A testament to the increasing efficiency and technology of the solar industry, the Cayman Solar crew was able to hit the ground (or roof, as it may be) running and have a functioning solar system in place in a very short period of time. Paul Chivers, Resource Efficiency Manager at Dart Realty Cayman (the developer for the project), stated: “We continue to be impressed the quality, speed, and professionalism of Cayman Solar.”

There are high goals in the Cayman Islands to continue to develop solar. The near-equatorial conditions of the geographic area create a harsh environment for solar – blazing sun, high heat, high humidity, and hurricane-force winds. These challenges require special considerations when designing and installing solar. In order to do this, Cayman Solar worked with USSolar Institute to develop a system that would function well in the harsh heat and humidity, as well as withstand the incredibly strong wind.

SnapNrack was chosen for the racking and mounting specifically because of their experience in zero roof penetration systems in the hurricane regions. No roof penetrations translate into a leak free solar installation. Extra care was given to the materials as well. This system only used aluminum, silver, and copper, all bolted together with 100% marine grade stainless steel. This combination of engineering and high quality materials creates the longest lasting system possible.

“It is always a challenge to build commercial systems that can survive hurricane force winds, but to also eliminate any roof penetration takes decades of proven experience from a team of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers.” Stated Ray Johnson of Cayman Solar “That is exactly who we are and what we bring to the table for all of our clients.”

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