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KYMCO Unveils E-Scooter Models Like 125 EV and i-One X for Taiwan’s General Motorbike Market

published: 2019-06-12 13:58

Taiwan’s Kwang Yang Motor Co. Ltd. (KYMCO) held a press event on 5 June to introduce its electric scooter (e-scooter) charging network Ionex 2.0 and four new models of e-scooters. Among these four models, two are the respective “Compact” editions of the existing models Nice 100 EV and New Many 110 EV, while the other two are the vintage-styled Like 125 EV and the enigmatic i-One X. The last of the four, i-One X, also comes in two versions based on the local vehicle license (or engine) classification: the general scooter version (equivalent to a 50cc engine) and the general motorbike version (equivalent to a 125cc engine).

The Compact edition of Nice 100 EV has the lightest weight and the lowest seat height of its vehicle category, thus allowing riders of modest physical stature to easily put their feet on the ground for break and balance. At the same time, Nice 100 EV has a roomy 24L storage space under its seat for keeping a wide range of everyday items. In terms of range, a fully charged Nice 100 EV can travel up to 83km at a speed of 30km/h before its next battery swap. The maximum speed of the model is 45km/h. The Compact edition of Nice 100 EV is now officially priced at TWD 57,800, but the price can be adjusted depending on the subsidy provided by the local governments. For instance, the amount of subsidy offered by Taoyuan City to get people to replace of their two-stroke scooters with battery-electric ones can go up to TWD 31,000. This means that the starting price for Nice 100 EV could be as low as TWD 26,800. It is also worth mentioning that Taoyuan currently provides the highest e-scooter subsidy in Taiwan.

The Compact edition of Nice 100 EV from KYMCO (Credit: TechNews)

The Compact edition of New Many 110 EV is the latest to a lineup that already has the Metro and Navigation editions. KYMCO has further pointed out that New Many 110 is the only high-end scooter series in Taiwan that offers both the traditional fuel and battery-electric versions. A feature of the Compact edition that was especially highlighted at the press event is its energy-saving LED headlight. With respect to performance, this model has a range of 75km at 30km/h and a maximum speed of 61km/h. The price of the Compact edition of New Many 110 EV is currently set at TWD 69,800. The highest amount of subsidy from Taoyuan City could cut its actual price down to TWD 38,800.

The Compact edition of New Many 110 EV from KYMCO (Credit: TechNews)

Like 125 EV strongly reflects a vintage style of design. Its 4kW motor offers the same horsepower as a 125cc engine. This particular model also carries a variety of accessories for riders that want personalize their vehicles. Performance-wise, Like 125 EV can reach a maximum speed of 72km/h. On the other hand, its range under the CNS mode is just 38km. KYMCO has yet to reveal the price for this model.

KYMCO’s Like 125 EV emanates a vintage style. (Credit: TechNews)

The model that caught the most attention at the press event was i-One X. However, KYMCO has given the least amount of information about this model compared with the other three. The company has stated that i-One X will have two versions possessing horsepower on par with a general scooter and a general motorbike, respectively. Furthermore, the standard features of this model include a one-button start/stop switch and an onboard camera. The battery system of i-One X offers unprecedented flexibility as it can accommodate in-vehicle charging, battery swap, and standalone battery charging. The model also has an extra battery slot for extending its range. Although i-One X promises to deliver a transformational impact on the e-scooter market, KYMCO did not announce the price and the specifications of this model at the event.

KYMCO’s i-One X has the potential to become a technology leader in the e-scooter market due to its integration of different battery charging technologies. (Credit: TechNews)

 (This article is an English translation of news content provided by EnergyTrend’s media partner TechNews. The photo at the top of the article is courtesy of Kwang Yang Motor Co. Ltd.)

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