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Viridian Energy Continues Its Renewable Energy Service in Rhode Island, Hawaii

published: 2015-01-19 17:56

Viridian Energy launched its services for renewable energy in Rhode Island. Viridian’s entrance into “The Ocean State” represents the company’s growth, development, and expansion which includes the introduction of Viridian Energy’s price certainty energy rate plans, 3DOM™, late last year.

Michael Fallquist, founder and CEO of Viridian Energy, commented, “With turbulent market conditions and extreme weather becoming more common, we’re excited about the opportunity to educate Rhode Island consumers regarding their energy options, and bring rate plans with strong value propositions.”

Since Rhode Island is a deregulated energy market, residents can choose energy suppliers for their homes or businesses. Deregulation provides consumers with many options in terms of energy management, efficiency, renewable green energy products and price. For example, hundreds of thousands of Viridian Energy customers have opted to use energy that is beneficial to the planet, as well as their budgets since 2009.

“The remarkable milestones Viridian has achieved are a direct result of the efforts of our passionate network of nearly 25,000 Independent Associates,” said Meredith Berkich, President, Viridian Energy. “Their deep commitment to sustainability, community action and global initiatives has created a competitive business advantage for Viridian and is one of the key reasons we have been named one of the top 100 direct selling companies in the world for the past three years.”

Starting today, the company will offer Rhode Island consumers affordable electricity that is more than 50% renewable as well as 100% renewable electricity. In addition to a range of responsible energy options, Viridian offers eco-minded entrepreneurs a powerful opportunity to generate sustainable income and to do well by doing good. As an Independent Viridian Associate, individuals can build a simple and rewarding business by helping friends, family members and neighbors choose affordable green energy.

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