Hanwha Q CELLS Japan Connects a 24MW PV Power Plant to the Grid

published: 2015-01-20 14:14 | editor: | category: News

Hanwha Q CELLS Japan has completed the 24 MW “Hanwha Solar Power Kitsuki” PV power plant in Kitsuki, Oita prefecture in south-western Japan, and has connected the project to the grid. The company will act as an independent power producer (IPP) for the PV plant.

The ground-mounted power plant consists of nearly 100,000 high quality Q.PRO-G3 solar panels and will generate an estimated 24,000 MWh of clean energy per year – enough to power more than 7,000 local households. Hanwha Q CELLS Japan has succeeded in installing the nearly 100,000 Q CELLS photovoltaic modules on a 300,000m² site using a construction method for mountain slopes by utilizing geographical features. The Oita prefecture is a leading region in Japan that actively promotes renewable energy from PV power systems.

The 24 MW PV power plant starts operations as the third IPP project by Hanwha Q CELLS Japan, following the “Awanishi Solar Hills Power Plant” (2MW; operational since July 2013; Awa City, Tokushima prefecture)” and “Hanwha Solar Power of Kushiro Plant” (0.8MW; operational since 2014; Kushiro City, Hokkaido).

In addition to these three projects, Hanwha Q CELLS Japan currently has two more IPP projects under construction – Kushiro City, Hokkaido (about 1.2 MW) and Awa City, Tokushima prefecture (about 3 MW). Hanwha Q CELLS Japan aims to develop power plants that are capable of producing more than 100 MW annually. The company further aims to contribute to the development of solar energy in Japan, not only by selling photovoltaic modules and systems, but also by supplying safe electric power permanently.

“The Oita project strengthens our footprint as an independent power producer in the attractive Japanese market and underlines Hanwha Q CELLS international position as a provider of reliable and high quality power plant solutions,” said Jongseo Kim, Managing Director of Hanwha Q CELLS Japan.

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