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Shunfeng Forms JV with AVIC for Promoting Energy Saving Solutions

published: 2015-04-10 11:51

Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE) has officially signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to form a joint venture aimed at promoting Energy Management Contracting (EMC) projects and providing integrated energy saving solutions to the customers. AVIC and SFCE's partnership will leverage this investment model to advance the increased adoption of clean energy projects.

"We plan to introduce solutions for three major markets on a global scale: low-carbon cities, low-carbon communities including commercial customers, and low-carbon households,” said Eric Luo, CEO of SFCE. “Our partnership with AVIC will help to implement this vision and increase our efforts to rollout integrated low-carbon energy-saving solutions. The EMC model will bring about an overall energy-savings up to 50% to 70% of costs from our green solutions"

SFCE began to diversify its business in 2014 through the acquisition and integration of major global clean energy brands. It expanded its solar products line and services offering while adding capabilities in energy storage and smart micro grid to its EPC and operation and maintenance services. In 2015, SFCE signed an agreement with Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings, a global leader in ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology industry, to jointly develop EMC services. Via equity adjustment, SFCE has also recently acquired a 51% ownership stake in Lattice Power, a mass producer of LED lighting products. Combining these elements, SFCE became an integrated clean energy solution provider, from solar power generation to urban lightings, centralized heating and cooling for cities, as well as energy storage and smart urban energy maintenance and operations.

Yao Jiangtao, General Manager of AVIC Trust said, "Working with SFCE, AVIC Trust can help to develop new EMC turn key projects which provide urban and commercial entities with systematic energy-saving solutions. We are working with our partners to introduce win-win solutions for businesses and society which allow cities to develop a cleaner future."

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