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Siemens Launches Wind Turbine with Higher Energy Production

published: 2015-05-20 10:59

At the AWEA Windpower 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Siemens unveiled the latest technology of its G2 platform, SWT-2.3-108. The new platform can produce wind power under various conditions. Annually, it can generate nearly 10% more wind power than its pioneering predecessor.

The SWT-2.3-108 platform is built upon the achievements of the SWT-2.3-108. It features a high-performance 120-meter rotor that enables it to achieve enhanced energy production for medium to low wind sites, and offers improved performance at higher altitudes and under a wider range of temperature conditions. At an average wind speed of 7.5 meters per second (nearly 17 miles per hour), the Siemens SWT-2.3-120 yields an increase of nearly 10% in annual energy production (AEP) compared to that of its pioneering predecessor under the same conditions.

The SWT-2.3-120 turbine utilizes Siemens’ robust and flexible ATB (Aeroelastic Tailored Blade) design to reduce weights and loads through intelligent use of the blade’s flexing capabilities. This allows for the SWT-2.3-120’s larger rotor size without a proportional increase in structural loading, decreasing wear and tear on the turbine. The 59-meter blades extend the reach of the rotor, sweeping a greater area to make the most of the available wind resource. The product design also incorporates several added safety and operational benefits related to the service and maintenance of the turbines, including increased accessibility of key components and access to the weather station from inside the nacelle.

“With wind power becoming an increasingly important part of the U.S. energy mix, we have developed our new turbine to meet the needs of our customers in the United States and throughout the Americas,” said Jacob Andersen, CEO Onshore Americas, Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division. “Moreover, we are proud to support clean energy jobs in our blade manufacturing facility in Iowa, at our nacelle assembly plant in Kansas, our R&D center in Colorado and other locations throughout the U.S.”

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