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Battery Japan Exhibit Report - Taiwan’s Battery Manufacturers Appear on the International Stage

published: 2011-03-04 16:28

Battery Japan formally opened on March 2, 2011, attracting many storage energy manufacturers in the fields of lithium battery, fuel cell, intelligent building and smart grid (Chart 1). Many top professionals from these manufacturers are invited to release their reports in the seminar, and nearly 2,000 booths join in this exhibition, with the flow of over 10,000 visitors on the first day. All these factors will make this exhibition become the main observation index of battery application in the next five years. In order to take the chance of 2011 when battery will become popularized, Taiwan’s battery manufacturers also attend Battery Japan and show their battery achievements over past decades.

Chart 1 Battery Japan 2011

The exhibit of Taiwan’s manufacturers covers raw material, battery cell, and equipment. Concretely speaking, the raw material includes anode material and overcharge protection additives(Chart 2).The battery material plants, such as FEMTC and Harmony Brother, mainly specialize in anode material, most of which are involved in LiFePO4. For instance, FEMTC has released three materials of 30050, 3005A, and 3005E. Among these, 3005A can be adjusted according to different consistencies of electrode pastes, and 3005E includes conductive carbon additives. Besides, HOPAX launches cathode protection additive and conductive paste.

Chart 2 Highlighting Features of Taiwan’s Material Product


Furthermore, the exhibit includes prismatic cell and cylindrical cell. Apart from battery cell, PSI also shows the module design for compositional battery (Chart 3); C-Life Technology primarily focuses on power battery. However, the spotlight of this exhibition is the 50 Ah battery cell of FEMTC, whose largest capacity of single cell and 137Wh/g energy density has caught great attention from participants. Regarding equipment makers, Chen Tech has not only launched their own test system for battery pack, but also released the latest test equipment for power battery, in order to cope with the emerging power cell field; She Hui Machinery has just provided raw material pulverizer, which is applied for various anode and cathode materials.

Chart 3 Highlighting Features of Taiwan’s Battery Cell and Equipment


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