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Get Ready for the Energy Trend Seminar 2024!

published: 2023-10-27 15:04

With the ambitious aim of achieving carbon neutrality, the global clean energy industry has embarked on a new phase of development. This entails the creation of new energy solutions that are characterized by large-scale production, increased market penetration, and enhanced quality. This shift underscores the inexorable growth of the new energy sector, with the photovoltaic and energy storage industry experiencing a remarkable boom. As we anticipate 2024, what can we expect from the global photovoltaic industry chain? Which direction is the global energy storage market demand taking? How will advanced photovoltaic energy storage technology evolve? A fresh wave of technological and industrial transformation is on the horizon, and the question remains: who will be able to hop aboard this high-speed train?

To foster industry collaboration and facilitate information exchange, TrendForce is delighted to announce the Energy Trend Seminar 2024, scheduled for November 30, 2023, under the theme Empowerment, Integration, and Innovation. During this event, our team of analysts and esteemed industry experts will delve into discussions about the forthcoming market trends, technological advancements, and iterative progress in the PV and energy storage sectors for 2024. Anticipate technology-driven transformations that will make a substantial impact on the global PV and energy storage landscape. We wholeheartedly invite your participation in this seminar, where we can collectively look ahead to another remarkable ascent in the PV and energy storage industry.

The registration channel for the Energy Trend Seminar 2024 is now open (refer to the image below). We extend a warm welcome to our seminar! Please be aware that the seminar agenda is subject to change, so stay tuned for the latest updates provided by TrendForce and EnergyTrend.

Official Website: https://seminar.trendforce.cn/PV-EnergyStorage/SZ2023/US/index/

Registration: https://mseminar.trendforce.cn/PV-EnergyStorage/SZ2023/US/Register/

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