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Battery Japan Exhibit Report - Lithium Battery Start to Enter Multi-use Era

published: 2011-03-07 18:22

At 2nd Battery Japan, apart from battery material, cell, and pack, various end applications were a highlight of this important event of the year. Among these manufacturers, most are powered cell system manufacturers with products in consumer and industrial fields, traffic applications, and others. Typical International battery manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Samsung, and LG are not on the list. As many can see in this exhibit, a variety of storage energy systems can be utilized in end applications not only limited to automotive and consumer products.

Chart 1 Battery Japan 2011

As the amount of NB battery cell usage increases, NB and automotive applications were a typical focus when talking about the battery cell supply chain. However, as observed at this exhibit, Hitachi and GS Yuasa has developed the vertical integration business model from battery cell to module (Chart 2), attempting to create a market segmentation with component plants. Besides, categorization of the battery cell development trend has shifted from energy type and high power type to miniaturization and large scale. As for battery pack, it can be seen that quality ratio of module and pack constantly improves, and heat dissipation and wave interference designs are a focus as well. Therefore, the concern about burning and explosion can decrease when in a serial-to-parallel battery system.   

 Chart 2 Spotlight of Battery Japan

In terms of battery material, apart from NiCoMn and LiMnO2, LFP/LFPO battery has started to draw attention in Japan, and has been used in related products. Additionally, product safety, heat sensor (Chart 3), and compound thermal insulation material are crucial key components that were demonstrated on the show floor, as well as anode material recycling technology. 

Chart 3 the Spotlight of Battery Japan

The other spotlight at Battery Japan is super capacitor, which not only improves battery’s lifetime, but also increases energy density and has a low self-discharge rate. Furthermore, the latest product, Lithium Ion Capacitor, which between super capacitor and lithium battery, is not only used as a storage energy device, but is also used with lithium battery to adopt more severe requirement of quick charge. 

Chart 4 Features of Super Capacitor

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