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Battery Japan: All Participants are Greatly Impressed by FEMTC

published: 2011-03-03 17:00

According to the observation from EnergyTrend, one of research divisions under TrendForce, Formosa Energy & Material Technology Co.,Ltd. ( FEMTC ) has first released the long-term developing Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Oxide (LFPO) and LiFePO4 cells. The independent patent of LFPO, as well as the excellent performance of 20% capacity higher than ordinary batteries, has become the focus of market attention. TrendForce has also visited Battery Japan and made detailed analysis on unique product features.

Based on the observation from EnergyTrend, the performance of FEMTC’s LFPO is quite impressive in Battery Japan (Chart 1). In terms of patent independence, the patents on LFPO and manufacturing procedure have been approved by USPTO(United States Patent and Trademark Office), and the anode material is not common LFP but LFPO. Besides, the technology of metal or carbon coating is definitely not against patent laws. LFPO has the features of high rolling density, low binder amount and less anode & cathode additive, leading to perfect material mixture of whole cell.


The new battery, developed for high power fields, is also first introduced. The design attracts great attentions from the market. According to EnergyTrend’s observation, the embedded top cover can effectively reduce the space between tab guide and lead wire(Chart 2). In addition, the embedded type avoids from traditional screws, which can greatly improve the reliability of tab guide when the vehicle is moving. Regarding the manufacturingprocedure, the water-based process, with organic solvent free, can greatly enhance the safety during production process.


Based on long-term development of LiFePo4 batteries, FEMTC shows outstanding achievements on LFPO and cell, which not only attracts attentions from Potevio and other major battery manufacturers, but also steps into the supply chain of some Chinese large automobile factories (Chart 3). According to statistics, the energy density of LFPO has little difference with common materials, but the excellent features of high rolling density, anode & cathode additive will contribute to the performance improvement of battery cells. The characteristic of FEMTC cells is to optimize LFPO performance, and the energy density is up to 137Wh/kg, which shows that FEMTC has made bright achievements compared with traditional cells with low energy density.



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