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BYD Establishing a 400MW Solar Factory in Brazil

published: 2015-05-26 11:13

BYD and APEX-Brasil jointly announced BYD’s second South American solar PV manufacturing facility in Brazil. The factory will not only add to BYD’s electric bus manufacturing facility, which will be opened next July, but also have an annual production capacity of 400MW. The PV solar panel facility is expected to open in the first half of 2016 in the state of São Paulo.

“Our cutting-edge double glass solar panel will bring unparalleled efficiency and durability, making clean and decentralized power generation increasingly more competitive in Brazil,” stated BYD’s Director of Government Relations Adalberto Maluf. The new facility marks a new stage of sustainable energy for Brazil: Along with the solar plant, BYD is also installing an R&D center for electric vehicles, energy storage, smart grid, solar power and LED lighting.

In the presence of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Brazilian President Dilma Roussef, two agreements were signed at the Presidential Palace in Brasília on May 19: one for the solar factory construction, and another with major bus body maker Marcopolo to produce Electrified School Buses.

“BYD is bringing into this country the same commitment to technology and innovation that is present in everything we do, everywhere we go, so that Brazilians will have an alternative in renewable energy to face the pressing challenges the future brings, and live healthier and more fulfilling lives,” said BYD’s Senior Vice-President, Stella Li.

BYD’s deal was structured through Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency that has been supporting BYD since the beginning. Its President, Mr. David Barioni, spoke of the importance of renewable energy technologies, and how Brazil is at a tipping point at which it must begin adopting these alternative solutions. Furthermore, BYD is building its green dreams starting from Brazil to the whole South America -- to harness free and plentiful solar power, then store it safely and effectively in long lasting energy storage systems, to finally use it in clean, quiet and incredibly efficient electric vehicles.

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