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Japan’s Largest Solar Power Plant Launched

published: 2015-05-28 17:00

Kyocera Corporation, K.K. GAIA POWER, Kyudenko Corp., and Century Tokyo Leasing Corp. have jointly announced a grand solar power project. These companies co-invested in Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills LLC, a solar power operating company, to construct and operate a 92MW solar power plant. When being completed, the plant will become one of Japan’s largest solar installations.

The 92MW solar power plant will be located at an abandoned golf course in Kagoshima Prefecture. More than 30 year ago, the site had been designated for a golf course but subsequently abandoned. The local community expressed interest in effectively using the site in January 2014, and a land development application for the project was submitted along with a year-long environmental impact assessment, which has been completed, in April 2015.

Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills LLC hence funded. Under the agreement, the new company will operate the site, and a joint venture established by Kyudenko and Gaia Power will undertake the design, construction and maintenance of solar installation, while Century Tokyo Leasing will be responsible to arrange financing. The total investment for the project is approximately 35 billion yen (approx. US$290 million).

Kyocera will supply 340,740 pieces of its high efficiency solar modules for the 92MW solar power plant. The construction is scheduled to begin in the second half of FY2016 (October 2015~March 2016), and the power plant is expected to start operation in FY 2018.

Covering a land of approximately 2,000,000m2 (approx. 494 acres), the solar power plant would generate roughly 99,230MWh of solar power annually, equivalent to annual power consumption of around 30,500 average households. In addition, the massive installation will contribute the local community through job creation and increase of tax revenues in Kanoya City and Osaki Town.

Shares of Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills LLC are: Gaia Power, 72.7%; Kyocera, 9.1%; Kyudenko, 9.1%; and Century Tokyo Leasing, 9.1%. The companies are cooperating with Kagoshima Prefecture, Kanoya City and Osaki Town to ensure environmentally friendly construction methods, and remain committed to promoting renewable energy as well as contributing to environmental protection and the creation of a sustainable society.

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